Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back to Mozambique

We left on Friday morning, travelling up to Blue anchor inn just 50kms outside Maputo. It was such a lovely trip & the borders were a breeze both Swaziland & Mozambique side. We left Blue Anchor early 4.30am on Saturday morning & were at our Tofo cottage by 10am unpacked & relaxing.
We had bought a fresh baracuda from the rowboats on the beach by 12pm - its fantastic to go down as they come in & buy fresh fish. Needless to say fresh fish & salad for dinner.
I love Mozambique, the scenery is gorgeous, the sea & Tofo bay is wonderful, the beach sand squeaks as you walk on it & its very hot, very hot - we are blessed to have a small pool & we live in it if we are not on the beach or swimming in the sea.
The local Mozambique people are lovely & laid back & happy. We support the local market for fresh produce & of course the fisherman in the boats & we have got to knw a few quite well.

The best part for me is only hubby & I here, so I get lots of me time - its quite & peaceful, I can read, scrap & walk on the beach for miles just swim when you get hot and relax. Its just so blissful & I must admit it restores me. I love the time for me to read my Bible when the sun is coming up or going down - its incredible.
I know we may not get up here again this year because we want to visit the Kalahari but still I just make the most of everyday.
Well off to stir fish curry for dinner & a nice cold drink will be great now. Its hot but the wind is picking up apparently there is a cyclone hitting Madagasgar which means we will get the bad weather too.


Jenny said...

Sounds just lovely. Relax, scrap, read, have a great time

Lynette said...

It sounds like bliss...enjoy your rest.

Andrea said...