Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inhambane Town

The rain coming in

We ventured into Inhambane this morning, to get gas, electricity vouchers (we have a meter here) fresh pau (local bread) and some chocolates of course.

Inhambane is a town recovering from a long drawn out civil war, there is a feeling of hope & progress here, the people are so happy & friendly. Our cottage fridge has given up the ghost after 14 years not bad & there is no one to fix it that we can find so we went looking for fridges too not expecting much. Well we were pleasantly surprised the local chinese and a couple of indian shops had some. We eventually narrowed it down to a defy for 17500 mets - the exchange rate today was 4.29 rands to the met. We emailed the committee to get the go ahead - still waiting. In the meanwhile we are using one of the freezers as a fridge and we are fine.

The sun shone brightly this morning but at about 2pm the wind picked up and turned the sea on its ear & the rain squalls began - we had got a touch of sun this morning in town walking around and of course in the pool after town so I had a lazy afternoon sleep woken up by hubby with coffee.

Last of the fresh fish tonight with chips & salad & we are going to enjoy chocolate ice cream later mmm no wonder we love relaxing here.



Jenny said...

Sounds so good. Photo of the rain coming in is great

Lynette said...

Oh, you are making me jealous! Enjoy!