Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boys back home - Just another day in Paradise.

My boys are back home from a quick trip to our cottage in Mozambique, Tofo to be exact. They went up with a few other guys in the syndicate to do some repairs to the cottage. They are so brown from the beach & fishing & they thrive on it - I am quite envious after seeing the photos (some of which I have uploaded).
1. View from Casa Barry deck onto the beach.
2. One side view of & from our cottage.
3.Steven supervising the "workparty".
4.Steven's catch of the day on Friday 13 off his paddleski - oh wow he was over the moon.


Jenny said...

Oh my word! Look at the size of those fish! I'm going to show Colin and he will just be green with envy. The cottage looks beautiful

Andrea said...

Oh wow Jenny, that looks about as close to paradise as I can imagine. One of my great sadnesses about leaving "Africa" is that we didn't get to mozambique before we left - we have done Botswana which I adored.

Helen Tilbury said...

Wow...that looks heavenly...& what a fish!!!