Monday, March 30, 2009

Life comes in all shapes & sizes.

We had a horrendous week last week, with my DH having one of his "loyal long working staff" caught stealing - leather hides. DH deals in leather so it was awful to hear about it, see the proof and then go to deal with the police (who were outstanding) and then have the police arrest him, go & search his house & find more evidence & then DH had to decide what to do ???
The staff member was put in a holding cell overnight & DH contacted his lawyer, then our doctor (who is a good friend) and then our minister at church ( luckily an ex policeman too) - well it was decided at a family meeting afterwards - the person needed to be charged & prosecuted, no jail as this is pointless (they come out hardened criminals) and a suspended sentence & his job back on conditions .... (this was hotly contested but we decided to go with the ministers Christian advice) well after DH bailed him out after one night it was terrible to see how scared and sorry he was and after the Friday of sitting at court actually going through the prosecution and sentencing it was awful BUT the correct thing to do. So it was over and done with & this morning a very bashful staff member was back at work and then had a hearing re his conditions etc.

Hopefully this week will be better and go well. DH is a great believer in people and he has been really badly affected by all this. So we go forward at a slower but more thorough pace and pray God gives us direction.

We spent the weekend at our friends farm in Harrismith & its beautiful, the cosmos are out all over, the blesbok are so stunning and they have 4 week old puppies - just 2 of them little jack russel puppies. We really would have loved to put them both in the car & kidnap them but no we didn't. So with the bad comes the good and life goes on.


Andrea said...

Glad you had such a lovely weekend after such a difficult week. I am sure your belief in this person will be restored, always so difficult once trust is broken but your husband is doing a very charitable thing which most wouldn't have wasted their time with.


Jenny said...

I'm glad it's all sorted out now. Hopefully he behaves himself. I'm so glad that you had a good weekend - how much scrapping did you do?

Helen Tilbury said...

Mmmm...from my experience a leopard never changes his spots...they are wonderful actors...I know this first-hand from exactly the same experiences (plenty of them...) Wish I could back you on this one but I'm a hardened African,lol!