Saturday, April 4, 2009

School is out for Easter

Thank goodness school is out and we are on holiday for a very short Easter break.

I wish everyone a very Blessed Easter & a wonderful Holy week coming, its such a wonderful time of our christian lives.

I have after a lot of time pondering and discussion - resigned from school & will be leaving end of second term. Both really exciting & really scary!!!

Still DH & I did the grocery shopping (really blah) and Easter eggs for family (fun part of shopping) and I went off to relax and had a pedicure - what a lovely way to start the school holidays.


Jenny said...

Enjoy your break. We also got the same shopping done yesterday. Can't wait for all those little boys next weekend! We have gone back to Standard Time so we're now 10 hours ahead of you

Andrea said...

Have a wonderful holiday and well done you on resigning if it is something that you have been wanting to do and if it is going to make your life better.

Have a stunning easter and don't eat too many of those eggs :-)

Helen Tilbury said... the sound of the pedicure ;-) Why have you resigned??? Hopefully for more scrappy time,lol!