Saturday, April 18, 2009

School has started.....

School has started with its normal chaos and fun, and it was so nice to have a short week.
I have got three very important tasks to do this weekend;

1. Shop for lace & stuff for my "heritage page l/o's " from my SIL Jenny in NZ - so a big thank you to her for the inspiration & hours of scrapping set for Sunday. I also have a gift voucher from my local scrap shop so what a pleasure. "Okay did this one & of course spent more than the voucher LOL."

2. Clean out my two trolleys on wheels which holds all my scrapping goodies etc as my DH has been moaning about it "spreading" which I have to admit it does. "Still not quite done."

3. Finish off our local Mothwa Haven books to go off to the auditors on Monday - probably should be no. 1 but lets be real here!!! Its the last time I have to do this as after 10 years I am giving up all my committee and volunteer work for a while I just need a break for me for a change. "This is not done yet........."

I honestly feel that life is hectically busy at the moment (probably the same as ever) but I just feel bogged down. So I am sure if I can get a few things sorted it'll actually start getting better. I hope everyone has a great weekend & please everyone VOTE on Wednesday 22nd.


Helen Tilbury said...

Sadly no ID for me yet so I can't know who it would be for though I'm sure...sorry you are feeling bogged down...did you see I gave you something to cheer you up this week? Check da blog! This year has been a bad one for all it would seem...I have felt like you all year & no real sign of improving...I just seem to be sinking deeper & deeper into the mire that is sadly my life in 2009!

Jenny said...

I know the feeling of being bogged down. Get the Mothwa stuff done and you'll feel much better. Enjoy your day off on Wednesday

Andrea said...

Hi Jenny, looking forward to seeing your "Ta Da" list after the weekend!

Have a great one....oops just realised that this post is probably from last weekend...sigh just don't know where the time goes (lol) well hope this coming weekend is a good one for you anyway!