Friday, April 10, 2009

Puppies & Chocolate nothing better...

As its school holidays I went on one of my DH's business trips shew its exhausting, I think I will have more sympathy for him now.(That was probably his plan all along LOL.) Anyway I really do not like travelling over Easter anyway. We left Durban late on wednesday afternoon & drove up to Harrismith & spent the night - needless to say us Durbanites forgot any jackets or jumpers & at 05.30am when we left for Jhb it was freezing. Two clients later to deliver & pick up leather, two more in Pretoria & then drop off a load at SAA cargo for a delivery to Nelspruit we left for Durban. This all took till 2.30pm as in Jhb you drive for ages where ever you go !!!! Needless to say it was also the day before Good Friday so traffic up & down was horrific - we decided to stay at Fordoun in Nottingham Road overnight (our haven which we adore) & am so glad we did. The staff are tremendous & friendly & the atmosphere is wonderful & we just collapsed into bed after a super dinner. We woke up at 09.10am this morning - needless to say we did not get to church today but got home after a lazy breakfast & slow relaxed drive. We did stop however at the famous Belgian Chocolate Shop on the way home - pics above just to get our children some more Easter eggs - just couldn't resist.

The little bundle in DH's arms is one of a pair we so so wanted to bring home but they are already taken, you can see the Mom "Pizza" she is lovely & good natured & her puppies adorable.

The chocolate house !!!!

A South African sunrise - just nothing beats it.

My hunters on the farm at Harrismith .........don't bother I have heard it all.

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Helen Tilbury said...

Had to chuckle at your last line there...was just wondering if you would get any comments from people outside of Africa that don't "understand" our men...I don't know where this chocolate shop is but you need to tell me,LOL! Happy Easter!!