Sunday, March 15, 2009

Update & photo challenge.

Well life goes on so they say, it may go on but it always changes and we have to cope with and embrace the changes.

My brother is out of hospital & is being treated well and his recovery has been amazing (the power of prayer is awesome!). He still has a way to go but at least he's on his way.

Debbie has had a huge operation where they have got 95% of the cancer out and are hoping that the radical chemo she will have will be enough to give her 3 to 4 years!! I am amazed at how positive she is how her outlook is good and considering she is a nursing sister with oncology experience, she is great. She should be out of hospital this coming week & will have one lot of chemo done here and then take the rest of her treatments back to Mauritius. Debbie believes if this is God's will she will have a great 3 to 4 years otherwise if it is not she will still be with us for a long time. Lots of prayers please.

It made me think how often, woman in general tend to ignore pains & warning signs and we often leave it till its too late, please ladies lets have our check ups and listen to our bodies and care about ourselves. I am the very worst at that I may add.

Another sad thing was the fact that Debbie had been saddened at how the standard of nursing was so low, considering she used to nurse at the same hospital - that made me stop and sigh, our hospitals are modern and well equipped but our staff are really not up to scratch - not all of them obviously but really sad to think about.

Well onto more happy thoughts Andrea challenged a few of us to show our 7th photo in our 7th file so here it is. It was in 2007 at the Mothwa Haven ladies Christmas lunch we were preparing. Its an old age Haven run by volunteers (me being one) and every year we try & do something special for our 22 old ladies for their Chrsistmas lunch. Its held in the lounge & that year I took photos of each one and put them in stars I had been given, they loved it and after lunch all our stars were gone.
I am going to challenge Jenny to find her 10th photo in her 10th file - have fun.


Jenny said...

That is such a cool photo!

Helen Tilbury said... sorry about your friend...3/4 years left of life is just devestating...I had my last op a few years ago at Millpark in Joburg (just before we moved down here to live so I was still living in Zim then) & the care was just terrible, despite the lovely lunch menu, lol! The nurses refused to empty my cathater so I had to do it myself & overdosed me on morphine so I actually died & had to be resusitated. Yup, I had a near-death experience, only once you have had one you realise the name is incorrect! I actually died & it was just like all the books say of people's accounts. Was most put out to have to come back,lol! But back to nursing...not good here anymore it seems...