Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Son passed his exam & Kruger National Park Wow.

Yay our eldest son (middle child) Mark passed his second board exam & now we are very proud to have a CA in the family, Mark is just casual, great its over & real life (after arcticles finish in 10 days time) can begin. Anyway we are so proud of his achievement even if he is so nonchalant, seven years of hard work has paid off.

We got the news in Kruger National park so our mini break was really made special. KNP is water logged there has been so much rain, we were made to stay an extra day due to bridges being flooded & we were not able to cross them.( God is good - we loved it.) Will post some photos tonight, I am back at work & inundated with stuff!!! I already need another break LOL. It also made me realise how much I love the african bush its so rejuvenating.

We travelled back through Swaziland & I was so impressed with the fact that there is very very little litter - non on the road sides only in the main towns & everyone is so friendly. The drivers are super alert & considerate & we just were so so impressed. It was so "non" threatening - now I know only people who live in Africa will understand that.


Helen Tilbury said...

Haha - know just what you mean...Glad you enjoyed a wonderful break - I have never been there. Well done too on your son's great achievement. Must be a load off your mind that he is now self-sufficient & able to wend his merry way through life now ;-)

Jenny said...

Or who have lived in SA! WE spoke to Mark last week - well done to him.

Glad you had a good time together