Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bad weekend & help required.

Well what a sherbet weekend.
Firstly my eldest brother had a heart attack, he is safe in hospital in Quatar where he lives. Trying to get information via the hospital - well!!!! His wife does not drive so there again a problem & being "far away" from all the support is really very difficult for everyone. Us sitting waiting for news & her trying to do what ever she can. This global village is a "pain" at times. Worst of all is that DH & I were discussing what to do if one of our very far spread family got ill or God forbid passed away, not so very long ago & its easy to talk about it but when it suddenly becomes real its not so simple......
Next my best friend Debbie has just been diagnosed with cancer & lives in Mauritius & will arrive in Duban tomorrow to see the specialist, so all in all not a great weekend.
So all of you with prayer lists or groups please add Ian & Debbie to them.

A question how do other people store there "old" printed photos, I am always trying new things eg in see through envelopes in the year or then in subjects eg Kylie - I just always seem to have a really messy lot of photographs & would appreciate advice. Scanning them lately has been good because I m trying to sort through them & get rid of blurry undesirables too - which does help a bit.


Jenny said...

Oh no, Jen, so sorry to hear avout Ian and Debbie! You're right about everyone being spread out and what does one do in an emergency. I think that we all need to make our own decisions there.

I have all my printed photos stored by event/date in a Cropper Hopper photo case Space on one side for lots of 6x4 and the other for bigger photos

Andrea said...

Hi Jenny, so sorry to hear about your brother, it is very stressful being away from family at the best of times, but in an emergency it feels almost unbearable so my thought and prayers are definitely with you.

Wrt photos, I like to date shoeboxes in years and then keep envelopes in those boxes according to events e.g. I may have Megan Swimming Gala in the 2007 box etc, the boxes also stack really nicely and don't crush easily which protects the photos inside.

Helen Tilbury said...

Sorry you have had such a bad time of it lately...loved the "sherbet weekend" !!! - a good, clean way to put it...Old photos are a pain...For about half of what I have left to scrap I have already sorted them into what I will use per layout & put them into a plastic "sleeve" ( I got a span of the plastic bags that paper arrives at scrapbook shops in) a coupla years I have slid them in together with the paper I intend to use & embellishments, etc, to make a kit ready to scrap. Then others I have in one drawer only & they are in big packs according to the year/holiday, etc (fat piles) secured with a loosish rubber band. Last year I started a new system of putting photos I printed straight into photo albums (not scrap-book albums) just until I got to scrapping them, but the disadvantage with this is that all the enlargements had to just be slipped in loosely between the relevant pages (as the albums only take jumbo size photos) so that isn't ideal as you can't really let anyone look at them or they pick it up & they all fall out. I did try securing them with paper clips but they left marks & people bent the photos lifting the enlargements up to view the photos underneath,in the album. My new idea for this year (I sure do have 'em!!!) is storing each month's worth of photos in a separate A4 envelope. They are stacked up month by month, vertically like my paper stash, & this system is working great 'cos the envelope fits all sizes of photos from smallest to A4 size. BTW I print out all my photos as soon as I can get around to it rather than as I need, just in case my computer & discs get stolen & also to keep my photographic development costs consistent every month so they fit into my monthly budget. Phew! Hope all that helps ;-)