Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ok is time slipping away

I cannot believe its Feb 24th, I feel like I am on a collision course with time itself as I don't seem to get much time to myself these days but we have been so busy & I am not really complaining just wondering out loud lol.
We did make it to Mozambique & even though they had just experienced a cyclone, there was not that much damage visible & the road had been repaired, amazing effort for Africa & i was impressed.
My DH conned me , yes "conned" me into getting his new Nikon camera, this is how it went ..... "Love I want to buy you a present for our anniversary "(we don't do gifts we do lunches, dinner, a weekend away etc) , " but we don't do that !" "Yes but this is special (after 31 years ) mmmm ok what are you thinking about " drum roll please........ " I'll buy you half the camera, you buy the other half !!!!" you have to love that, what can I say. We got the camera, and going to Moz was a perfect way of playing with it - have loads to learn but "he" is enjoying it. Anyway we will be going up to Hillcrest for a day of learning to use your camera which I think is great - all thrown into the price of the camera. Will put up some photos later blogger is being very unco-operative.

Its my DH birthday on Sunday, and since he is having to go to joburg early sunday morning, the kids & I have booked him a weekend at Gwahumbe Spa & Reserve for next weekend. Its only an hour & a half away from Durban, so we can go up after lunch on Friday the 2nd March (yukkles the time is flying) and travel back after lunch on Sunday. I am looking forward to it & hope its as good as it looks on the website.

Enjoy the weekend & relax.


Lynette said...

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and that your DH will have a beautiful birthday tomorrow.

I can't believe that two months have passed already...scary stuff.

Jenny said...

Sounds just great Jen. You will both have a lovely weekend