Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Families are Christmas !

Christmas is coming so fast & I am sooo excited, firstly our eldest son is home & thats always a sign to me its getting close to Christmas, never mind he comes home with two bags of laundry but he's home.
This means our other two children are mostly home for dinner, getting together with their brother - its amazing how when they all live in their own homes - they still gather in ours but I love it, noise, mess & all.

We had a lovely long weekend & have tried to get moved back entirely into our home after all the repainting, re sanding of floors etc - what I can't finish now is just tough. The most important thing is that we are comfortable & all the beds are in place ready for visitors.
The tree is not up yet because its tradition we all get the live tree together - the first time we'll all be together is thursday & thats the day the tree will go up.

We are having Christmas at home with all of our immediate family & a couple of friends, then on the 26th we are off to have Christmas with my sister & hubby in Joburg, she is more than a sister she is friend & confidant & critic too. Yes we will get up at some unreasonable hour to travel the six hours to Joburg, spend a day & a half with them, saturate ourselves in family & then depart to meet up with our other family & go on a well deserved break - just can't wait.

When you run your own businesses its very hard to organise your time off, especially with the laundries, but we have done so much planning & plotting & it will come together wonderfully. I am only sure of one thing, it doesn't matter if it doesn't run to schedule or the fish don't bite or the animals hide away - we will be family together & thats the very best.



Jenny said...

Seven sleeps to go! Am I excited? You betcha! Enjoy getting your tree and can you imagine the noise when we are all together?

Lynette said...

I can only imagine how wonderful it is to have all your children around. I live for moments like this. Wishing you and your loved one's a blessed Christmas.