Wednesday, March 20, 2013

At long last I can see the light

Today I was in court my DH by my side & after a huge wait in the most dismal conditions we were called in, butterflies in my stomach felt like giant eagles, palms sweating and my heart beat doing a tango. All of ten minutes later with not a question asked, we had to sign a form & it was over.
Seriously over.....

Ten years ago my DH's business went under, I got paid a salary from it and as he and I are married in community of property - I was co defendent to be sequestrated.
We had had all the unplesantries of people poking through our things claiming what they could take & not take ten years ago - cars were taken, furniture, bank accounts frozen - it was a nightmare BUT we lived through it, some days were awful some better until finally we just were used to our normal such as it was.

The only hitch in all this was the paper work was never filed (lawyers from all sides) etc so we waited & waited for our legal documents telling us we could get on with living - in september 2012 they came but we still had to make two court appearances, really we were fabaglasted but we wanted the legal ok. Today is the "official" begining of our new lives - of course that is great but we have been building up new lives for about nine years, the first year was really just survival.

I am sooo glad to have this done & we just spent time reflecting on how much we have done & how far we have come in all this, we are wiser, much more sensitive to others needs & what they may be going through & hopefully not as judgemental as we used to be. Our children have learnt huge life lessons & hopefully they will never have to face these same trials & all of them will be married with an antenuptial contract.

Still we have an amazing life, a lovely home, an awesome family & a good life. Thanks be to God because He really does never leave you and i know He does have plans for our future.

So today I am grateful & happy & to anyone going through a similar thing - it does get better I can guarantee that.
De Colores


Jenny said...

Hugs Jen - glad it's all over and you do have a wonderful life now

Lynette said...

Very good friends of ours went through bankruptcy this year. It was heart breaking for them and I can just imagine how difficult it was for you. So glad that it is finally over.