Thursday, April 11, 2013

Boobs yes boobs

Today I used my Christmas gift from my family - a professional bra fitting and choice of a bra or mmmmm maybe two.

Well I have been busy & I was very excited to make the appointment with my voucher but this morning I was nervous - seriously I am not an exhibitionist I am shy & reserved when it comes to displaying my body especially with all the additional rolls etc etc. Can I do this, what was I thinking in December ????

I set off to Kloof in the search of Lisa Clifford Studio armed with a voucher, lots of misgivings & butterflies in my tummy. The directions were perfect I arrived in good time & no sooner had I switched my car off, got out tentatively I was greeted by a delightful young lady who put me at ease and took me through to the studio.

Ummm there are no little cubicles in here, the door is closed and its beautifully lit etc and there are bras of all sorts of shapes and sizes colours etc really very very pretty. Still no cubicles.........

Ok so I was put at ease, measured, not told my measurements yet and put into - yes I repeat put into a bra - stunning was the result absolutely stunning..... I squealed with delight & then the bombshell.  I have been wearing a 42C & although they are slightly big they are comfortable ( sounds terrible now i know)  ta da drum roll please ..... {36 F} is my correct size.   Ok so thats quite shocking I don't think I have ever heard of an {F} size but since their bras go up to a size L  I had to believe it.

All I can say is it a wonderful feeling to be in a super looking, pretty and such a well fitted bra - I am over the moon - they bras are more expensive yes I have to agree but so so worth it. I definitely have a spring in my step my DH was impressed with my enthusiasm & loved the two bras I got.

I am so happy I did this & its a wonderful gift - thanks to my {family} you are amazing even when i come up with crazy ideas.

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Jenny said...

Fabulous Jen! I'm so glad it was a good day and you have the right bra now. But .... where are the photos? Lol