Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Family matters...

I love my family, we are unique, close, fun to be with & loving - most of the time. They are precious.

Then there are times when my children adult {children}fight with each other for the most stupid reasons eg where to park cars !!really that's so important - compromise - not in their life time !
I am always in the middle of the simmering undertones & I really do not like it at all - considering they don't live at home anymore I find this frustrating & really mentally exhausting.

They normally don't fight when my DH is around and that frustrates me - do I enable them, or am I just too soft {I don't think so lol } 

Anyway this weekend I was away on an Emmaus Walk at Marianhill Monastry - it was so serene, quiet & peaceful & I really need this fantastic sense of well being to continue, so on my return I found DH in an agitated state - the children had decided to keep him company incase he got lonely lol { truth be told they don't have DSTV } & so they "niggled " about the TV remote, no dishes put into the dishwasher, empty milk bottle back in the fridge !

Soultion - DH told them to pack their bags go home & give him some space LOL & they decided to be more compromising in the future. I had a good chuckle because he has just never noticed but he was very pleased to see me home. 

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Jenny said...

Lol - yes I can identify with that!