Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What is love ?

When I was younger (seems a long time ago lol) I was insecure and I guess emotionally immature, I always wanted to figure out what love was ?
Not the love of our Heavenly Father - human love.
 When I married my DH & our three children were born, I figured this whole picture was love - well I was vastly wrong ......

Love is really having the flu, a red neon nose, being miserable & grumpy & your DH very gently ( probably treading on very thin ice lol) caring for me - I must admit as the wife/mother I do not get sick & if I do as ALL women you get on with it. This time I was really down & out - so DH made soup, picked up & threw out overflowing bins full of tissues(which he cannot handle), made me hot toddys, made sure I took my medication & was incredibly loving.

Today I am feeling better, not fit & healthy ready to go - but better & the funniest thing was my DH telling our DD that he was so relieved it was the worst time of his life. DD & I just chuckled.

Needless to say , there's office work to be done, shopping to be done & oh we ran out of milk lol but we survived and I think I finally found my answer lol.


Lynette said...

It is a different kind of love. You have reminded me of the time my husband had to care for me while I was recuperating after back surgery. Thinking of how much he worried and how gentle he was with me makes me have leaky seams.

Jenny said...

He loves you!