Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Life is not always great

I feel like a hamster spinning on a wheel & getting nowhere fast, I like being busy & normally cope well, lately I feel as if I am going  to fall into a pit & never get out.
Why ? probably because life just happens, we haven't had a free saturday/ sunday for 2 months due to work, church, charity, social committments & we don't always get enough sleep due to travelling all over. Yes travelling is a bonus of our work but it can be very tiring & 2 testy people in a car for eight hours not so much fun, especially since I do battle to keep my opinions to myself ( really am working on it but can't say its easy.) The same can be said of sitting at an airport waiting for a delayed plane.
Our family has gone through an emotional year & a bit with our extended family having huge issues to work out & because we can't be there for them it is so so so frustrating. I really believe in "it takes a village to bring up a child"as there is always the community to support &  encourage & rely on. These days families are fragmented & its definitely not a positive thing although if I had to be face to face with this particular family member (whom I love) I might just be tempted to wack him one. ( not nice I know but so honest.) I also realised how much I was hoping for a fairy tale ending & that takes a lot of emotional pounding when you have to really take off the rose coloured glasses. ( though I still have hopes.)
Then I have just had an SARS audit for one of our businesses, not too bad at all but quite demanding still & hopefully they will sort out the end result. I have to admit to not having a problem with SARS so shouldn't complain - it just adds onto my load.
To top it off my son thought it was just fine doing a baited shark dive ???? I mean really at 26 I thought he had grown up - still it went well & he's in one piece although he does seem to have a much more healthy respect for sharks. Thats another thing our youngest is going overseas hopefully at the end of the year & although he doesn't live at home he works in the family business & father & son are like two circling lions recently - whew its sometimes too much & Mom always lands in the middle & it is horrible.
It will get better ....... at the end of the year we will have overseas family visiting & right now thats my light at the end of the tunnel.



Lynette said...

Amen Sister! I know just how you feel. Where the endless work and keeping a family together is concerned. I hope it gets better soon...for you and for me.

Jenny said...

My light at the end of the tunnel too! Is it too soon to count the sleeps?

Helen Tilbury said...

Thanks Jenny for your condolences. Gosh life sounds fraught for you right now. We've had exactly the same situation in our family and while I love your analogy to the whole village bringing up a child we have been told to butt out and keep our opinions to ourselves. Sadly even families these days want very little to do with each other. Just water the flowers and leave the weeds :)