Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Painting !

Yip we are painting the inside of our house for the first time in forever !

The first week was full of anticipation & excitement, I didn't mind cleaning & clearing up the first two rooms really felt quite wonderful. Then came the dust, smells of paint & turps & did I mention dust aaahhh. Anyway after the room was finished it looked gorgeous & empty & wonderful, hah until I realised we had to move the next rooms stuff into there plus plus - aahh now its just our bedroom & office that has anything resembling living space.

No I am not complaining just reality hit me square in the face of how doing anything worthwhile is not easy but the end result will be a fabulous clean flowing colour scheme, vanilla walls & white ceiling in the bedrooms, everything else is cobbler beige (which I call putty colour) & white ceilings but it flows. Another week & we should be finished roll on next Friday 26th October.

Then DH decided to have our floors re-done, they are oregon pine & so yes i caved in & the next two weeks after that will be floors - quite easy really move everything out (yes everything) & we will sleep & work out of our granny flat in the back garden - that right now is a storeage space for anything & everything, we don't even know if the bathroom works.

My husband never promised me a boring life, whew he has kept his word lol but seriously it'll be the last time we do anything to this house, after that I would like to go into a secure complex where I can lock & go. 

We are living with empty rooms & I really like the space & keep saying we need to down scale our furniture & belongings - my DH is a horder & I am not so its a matter of us both compromising but i think he's seeing my point of view somewhat. My DD & I had a good laugh we hauled out my wedding dress & veil from the back of a cupboard ( DH & I have been married for 32 years!!!!) & I am going to clean it & get rid of it my poor hubby nearly had a fit but I just said no its got to go. 

Anyway i am off to cook dinner in a kitchen thats relatively dusty (that fine dust that comes from sanding down walls that look perfectly good to me !) even though my dear maid has cleaned it . Aaaagh the good life.


Lynette said...

LOL! The longer you live in a house the more clutter you accumulate. Last year after my children moved out...we had a major house cleaning and I threw out everything that I considered clutter...DH wasn't amused, he doesn't believe in throwing anything away.

Jenny said...

Oh I'm sure it looks fantastic now! And the floors will look good too. I'm sorry that you have to sleep out in the Granny flat but it will be good when it's done