Friday, January 16, 2009


Hi to everyone in cyber space.
My SIL has given me an award for my blog. I am delighted but don't know how to do the links etc - so this weekend my "young adult kids" will show me how. They think its hilarious !!!!

Its the last weekend before we go back to school & I am relaxing, going to take it slow & scrap just for my sanity. Actually I haven't had time these last few weeks & am really looking forward to it.

Have a great weekend & to all my family world wide - we miss ya.


Helen Tilbury said...

o be left alone just to scrap...BTW thanks for your comments on my blog...really appreciated...don't think my straight-talking is always taken at face value - even though I have no hidden agenda;-)

Helen Tilbury said...

sorry - half my comment went missing - I said I was also looking forward to some time just to be left alone to scrap!

Jenny said...

Right click on the picture on my blog; copy and then put it in your photos somewhere where you'll be able to find it. Then upload to your blog. Easy!