Sunday, January 25, 2009

Married for 29 years !!!

Tomorrow 26 January 2009 - wow 29 years. DH thinks he needs a medal I know I need more than a medal LOL.

Alan & I decided to take this Sunday to go out for lunch for our anniversary as Mondays are just hectic in our lives. So off we went and enjoyed a fabulous Italian meal overlooking the sea. We always go on our own (tradition as its our time) and try and go somewhere different every year.

We were talking about our lives as we tend to do every year, what we have achieved and our hopes and dreams for the future. Its quite awesome to realise that you really achieve a whole lot in a marriage.

We have been friends,lovers and soulmates for more than 29 years. Had our shares of ups & downs, probably more than most LOL but have weathered them and are still friends, lovers & soulmates.
We are the proud parents of three wonderful young adults (must stop calling them children)Kylie who is 27, Mark nearly 25 & Steven just turned 23. Yes I know we are totally biased but who isn't about their own offspring. They are all very much individuals and family orientated and still live at home. (that we are working on .......I need a scrap room!)
We have travelled South Africa and overseas fairly extensively & both of us are gypsies at heart & definately need to travel more. Watch out world here we come - thats an ongoing dream more travelling.
Alan (supported bythe family of course) has run a few successful businesses, one went belly up - we survived it as a whole unit & he still is running his very successful leather business & we own two laundries. I do all the admin side as Alan could sell ice to eskimos but heaven help the paperwork definately not his forte.

We work at having time out for ourselves, I often invite DH out on a date (he loves it!) and we talk about everything. We have always welcomed all our children's friends into our home (not that easy that one because some friends whew you know what I mean) and tried to have balance in our lives- also not so easy. Kylie said to us the other day - you make it look easy wow I wish it was that easy but marriage may be hard work, fun,laughter & tons of tears too but what I know for sure its worth it.

The end result is we have more than survived we have thrived and hope to see many more. Of course we still are waiting for the biggies like our offspring being married & grand children & more travelling. Alans dream is to go to Antartica & with Gods blessing & a lot of work we'll make it.


Helen Tilbury said...

Congratulations, Jenny. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. I have never heard of your school in the 3 years I've been here! Was kinda hoping it would be one I knew, lol!

Jenny said...

Congratulations and love to both of you from all of us. Yes, YOU do work hard at your marriage and I wish I could be more like you. Well done and pleased to hear that your lunch was great

Jenny said...

Oh and I want to add that you are a wonderful SIL and I'm proud that I know you

Andrea said...

Hi Jenny, CONGRATULATIONS to you both....29 years, no small feat that is for sure!!!


Kylie said...

Well done mom...
Well i guess this is a long haul thing as you not taken the bait to swop him for a newer model which we have offered you many times... we would not be upset!
Love me