Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back to school

Well although I have been back at school for over a week, the children started today & our teachers on Monday. All systems were go ....... it was a good start & hopefully we have a good 2009 for all of our schools. Lord knows we need some positivity in SA & our school are certainly one area we still excell. Yes I know there are schools that are below par (try inner city London schools oh horrors !!!) but the majority of our school are good. I am in finances - well my job just gets harder every year as our economy shrinks but again I am being positive & believing in people getting their priorities right.

It was a big day for us today, our baby turned 23 years old - wow where have the years gone ! He will always be the baby to us ( as much as he hates to admit it Steven knows this is the truth !!) and he had a good day & we had a super dinner at Olive & Oil in Glenwood. He is waiting for his new pc which only arrives on Friday - only because he ordered it late & according to him we had no clue what to order. So heres hoping Steven has a wonderful year ahead & all his dreams come true.


Andrea said...

Hi Jenny, you are soooooo right about the South African schools, they are awesome and my daughter who was first at Hillcrest Primary and then Waldorf for a year before we came here as managed exceptionally well even though she has effectively missed 18 months of education and is about to start high school in September....I believe all due to the fact that she recieved such a good start in SA!


Jenny said...

Hi Jen - I did send a Happy Birthday email to Stevie - dinner sounds good.

Helen Tilbury said...

Interesting that you work at a have pipped my curiosity now...I have my kids at 3 different schools so will have to find out if there are any Jenny's behind the scenes, lol! I agree that the education at most of SA schools is top notch, don't think we'd do better overseas unless we had pots of money & could afford a top-notch private education. Mind you, my husband was at an English public school & it didn't do much for him, rofl! See you know Andrea too, lovely girl, love her blog!

Penny said...

Ooo school - we're back next week, well, my 5 yr old is anyway. Hoping this year will go good for him. He's a typical boy and finds it hard to focus!
Glad you found some books to add to your book list... I now have an enormous list of things to read! LOL! But that's ok - it will keep me amused.