Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back from Kruger National Park.

Whew we are back from a wonderful 4 nights in Kruger National Park. Its glorious & green, plenty of water & hot hot hot - temps in the high 30's & 40's. Back to Durban & its a normal 27 degrees we can really enjoy it. We did see some really lovely animals & just enjoyed the time together & had very interesting conversations.
Will post some lovely pics tomorrow, as we have been awake a long time today - too long for me.
We went with Mark our oldest son & his girlfriend Maddie, boy thats an experience but wonderful too as I say wait for the pics. The really good thing about having a son who drives well(yes I am biased) was that Alan & I could relax in the backseat of the X Trail & play with Alans new camera. Unfortunately Mark & Maddie wanted to do the same so I think Alan didn't get to relax too much but he just loves being at Kruger. The only thing is getting up to leave at 4.30am everymorning means the oldies need to nap in the afternoon or wallow in the pool and we did.
We ate too many chocolates,biscuits & drank condensed milk coffee - we will be back to normal as of tomorrow - tonight the family need to fend for themselves.


Jenny said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. Adrian is also a lover of condensed milk coffee and is now very envious of you

Jenny said...

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