Saturday, January 17, 2009

Serious blues.

I was reading Andrea's blog(Life in Lindfield) about her dh's wobbly in this space & time & it made me think about being here in SA & missing our extended family spread out all over - like most of us these days.
I seriously miss them & there are times when I really long to just - have a hug from one of them, go for a cup of coffee, glass of wine etc & I am sure that there are many of you who know just what I am feeling.
Its hard sometimes to always be positive & upbeat, although I am grateful for all my blessings & am not in anyway unhappy - I just miss my family - close,extended & extremely spread out !!

Anyway thanks for listening to my whinging. I will leave you with this thought, give your loved ones lots of hugs and kisses, tell them you love them in words & deeds and never stop.


Andrea said...

Hi Jenny, thanks for visiting my is the only downside of this big global village I am afraid....being too far away from friends and family.

Love your blog and will be a regular visitor, even if it is just lurking around reading while I frantically rock Nicholas in the hope of getting him off to sleep :)


Jenny said...

Here's a hug from me: ()